No doubt, you're looking for a solution not just a service. What I pride myself on is collaborating with my clients to achieve solutions not merely provide a service. And as I work with you, ours is an ongoing relationship of collaboration so as to allow fresh insights, the ability to  address new challenges or shifts along the process – a partnering with you for success. 

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Work Flow,Working with the Brain in Mind. Let's Get Graphic, and Thriving through Work are workshops which will enhance the engagement and effectiveness of your people. I'm also an accredited facilitator of the Coaching Clinic® for Manager as Coach programs; Team Diagnostic ™ Assessment for building high performance teams; and Whole Brain® Thinking Model for  more effective collaboration in the workplace. 

Practical actions for more thriving, in turn enhances work performance and engagement, contributing to your organisation's success.  I assist by translating the recent research on performance and thriving into doable actions through one on one consultations or facilitate participatory work enhancement with your team. 


For professionals who are re-evaluating how they work, coaching assists by cutting through the ruminations to get results quickly. I work with professionals, business owners and leaders. Mine is a practical, action orientated coaching style.  Our coaching conversations are often about: performance and effectiveness; being strategic; working with strengths; communicating to influence; enabling trust; personal leadership and transitioning to leadership roles.  ​

Performance & Leadership


Thriving Through Work